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Landans LegOcy <–Click the link to purchase or more info! 




What is the event? 

This is a non-profit fund raiser! We will have Christmas tree’s fully decorated you can take home the night of the event or get delivered directly to your home!* We will also have live and silent auction items, food and drinks included and SO MUCH MORE! 

When is the event?

Landans LegOcy Gold Galas, Winter Wonderland will take place on November 17th 2018 at the Ramana Oasis at 6pm! 

How do we become a Sponsor? 

You can purchase on this site (Landans LegOcy) Or contact us directly at

What is Landan LegOcy?

“The Mission of Landan’s LegOcy is helping children and their families on their journey through and beyond childhood cancer. Raising awareness through friendship, fellowship, and fundraising. Caring for the needs of few by the generosity of many to make each day special for all.” In short we help families with there non medical bills. When families lives stop because a child has cancer there bills do not. We help with cell phone bills, car payments, house payment ect.